About us

As a non-university institution, the Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation is an important place of historical research. As part of her interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse scientific work it is concerned to close existing gaps in Bismarck research, to re-edit the collected works of Otto von Bismarck and his estate and that of his family for the interests of the general public in culture and science, education and politics.

In order to fulfill these manifold tasks, the foundation in Friedrichsruh maintains a library of about 5,000 media related to the theme, supervises the historic “Fürstlich von Bismarck’sche Archiv” and maintains its own collection of various objects, the prehistory, development and after-effects which documents the politic by Otto von Bismarck. Conferences, seminars, lectures and other events in the context of the historical developments of the 19th and 20th century complement the scientific profile.

The Otto von Bismarck Foundation was established in 1997. She is one of five federal government commemorative foundations. The foundation is funded by the federal government with funds from the federal government commissioner for culture and the media.

You can listen to a review of all five commemorative foundations here.